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Photo Session Experience Guide

Boudoir for ALL Women

Hi! I am Laura Jean, your photographer. I own Boudoir by Laura Jean located in Twin Falls, ID. Even though my studio is located in Idaho, I often travel to Colorado, Utah and Missouri. I specialize in providing a one of a kind boudoir experience. I want to empower women through boudoir photography and make them feel beautiful, sexy, and confident!

What's in this Guide?

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Planning Outfits

  • Retouching Images

  • Posing

  • About Your Session

  • Do's and Don'ts

  • The Day of Your Shoot

  • What to Expect After Your Shoot

  • Reveal Session

  • Placing Your Order

  • Pricing

  • Payment Options

  • Support Local Business

  • Referral Program

Hair & Makeup 

From the time you arrive, you will be pampered and treated like a queen. Your hair and makeup will be done to your liking by a local professional at my in-home studio in Twin Falls. All of my HMU professionals do an amazing job and will work with you to figure out what style and look you would like for your photo shoot.  

After your hair and makeup is done, we will work one on one for your photo shoot. 

Planning Outfits

One of the most common worries from clients is what to wear at your photo shoot. My advice is to bring as many outfits as you can think of! Then while getting ready we will pick out 3-5 for your photo shoot together. 

Once your photo shoot is booked, I will send you a lingerie guide full of information about accessories and ideas of what to bring. 

Below are a few of my favorite places to buy lingerie!

Retouching Images

All images are digitally retouched. I typically do skin smoothing and remove large blemishes, bruises, scrapes, scars and most stretch marks. If you prefer to leave certain imperfections, please let me know! 


I will give you direction on how to pose and walk you through each pose during the photo shoot. We will work together to get the look and feel you are going for in your boudoir photo shoot. 

I will help you look your best and guide you through each pose in detail including what to do with your hands, how to position your body and what to do with your facial expressions. You don't have to worry about anything except showing up to your photo shoot! We will laugh, have fun, and create beautiful photos.

About your Session

From start to finish your boudoir experience will take about 4 hours. 


Hair and makeup will take 1.5-2 hours depending on look and style. 

Photo shoot will take 60-90 minutes 

I add about 30 mins. of flex time in there to make sure we cover all the bases plus outfit changes. 

Do's and Don'ts



  • Come to your photo session with a clean face and dried hair with no product in it.

  • Come with some ideas of what style makeup and hair you would like with picture examples.

  • Get lots of sleep the night before your photo shoot. We want you looking fresh and rested in your photos.


  • Please NO spray tans! Your natural skin tone looks the best in photos.

  • Avoid white eyeliner.

  • Shiny lip gloss or anything shiny is not friendly to the camera. Think matte everything!

The Day of your Photo Shoot

Wear loose fitting clothing the day of your photo shoot to minimize sock, bra and pant lines.


Come with 3-5 outfit changes and a variety of accessories.


Drink plenty of water the day of your photo session. Hydrating makes your skin look bright and clear! Also its good for you in general.


What to Expect after your Photo Shoot

After your photo shoot, I will work on editing your beautiful images and we will set up a date and time approximately 1 week after your photo session in-person. You will be sent home with a price list of options to look over so that you are prepared to order what you would like during the Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

Reveal & Ordering Appointment

At the Reveal, you will view your gorgeous images and decide which photo products you would like to purchase. If you decide to purchase an album, we will design the album right there together. If you are purchasing any digital images, you will receive a digital gallery link the same day.

Placing your Order

Once you have purchased your images and photo products, it will take 4-6 weeks to receive your order. If you are giving gifts for an anniversary or wedding gift, please allow 6 weeks from the Reveal session to receiving your photo products.


The Boudoir Photo Session Experience is $350 which includes professional hair and makeup, 60-90 minute photo session, 3-5 outfit changes, Wardrobe Consultation, access to the client closet, and all images digitally retouched.


The session fee is all you need to secure a date on the calendar. Images and photo products may be purchased at your Reveal & Ordering Appointment. To book the date, you can split your photo session fee up into 2 payments of $175 if you would like. 


Photo Products

You can choose from a variety of photo products. Digital images may be purchased with an option to add on a personalized phone app. Luxury albums are very popular and I also have keepsake boxes with fine art prints inside. Metal wall art, playing cards, and a retroviewfinder are some additional photo products that you may like. My average clients spend $1700 on their Boudoir Experience. 


Collections are a combination of photo products. There is a significant discount if you choose to purchase multiple items! Contact me if you would like me to email you more info on Collections. 

If you choose to pre-purchase any collection, you are eligible for BONUSES! Please ask Laura about bonuses. 

Payment Options

Pay in Full – At the Reveal session, you can purchase your photo products with check, cash or credit card. If you order anything outside of digital images, orders will be ready in 4-6 weeks.


Pre-Payment Plan – If you know what you would like to purchase, you can choose the pre-payment plan option. With this option, you will pay into your “Boudie Bank” and you will schedule your photo session 4-6 months out, so that you can add money to your bank for when you are ready to book your photo shoot and purchase your photos. This way, when you have your Reveal, you can use what is in the Boudie Bank to make your purchases.


Paypal Credit – If you would like to receive financing, during the reveal and ordering session, you will apply for the option to use Paypal Credit. For more information on this option please contact me. 

Support Local Business

Word of mouth is how my business runs! I would love it if you left a review on my Facebook page and Google business page.

Sharing your beautiful images allows other women to know that they can do this too! At your Reveal, you can choose to allow me to use your images or opt out of using your images for my business. I understand that some people would rather not put these types of images of themselves out there because of their profession or just want to keep them for themselves.

Referral Program

For anyone who has had a boudoir photo session, and you recommend a friend that books with me, you receive a $100 credit towards your next boudoir photo session! Also, your friend receives 15% off anything on the price list. So make sure that your friends tell me if you referred them!